theHUB hair salon bideford north devon 4sensory sundaysWe don’t often mention or advertise our sensorySUNDAY as they get booked up so very quickly, normally regular guests who prefer our sensorySUNDAY book the next few in advance. And for that reason, we have decided to add an extra Sunday.!’

Traditional hair salons are not typically a safe space for those who suffer from sensory conditions like anxiety, autism, epilepsy, and many other conditions, or just anyone wanting it quiet..!

When designing THE HUB. we focused on creating a space with serenity in mind, we chose calming colour schemes to promote a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve installed dimmable lights so that the brightness within the salon can be controlled and personalised to meet the individual needs of all our salon guests.

Music can also be an issue for some, which is why on •sensorySUNDAYS• we will only play quiet, meditative options or no music at all.

At the backwash we can offer a dimmed lighting option and salon guests are provided with eye masks and earplugs so that they can really fully focus on enjoying a head massage (If Wanted) and a fully relaxed experience.

Our •sensorySUNDAYS• Refreshment menu will offer no caffeinated drinks only decaf options, herbal and flavoured teas, and waters.

Our one-on-one services allow us to focus on our guest and their needs as well as accompanying family members and caretakers. Guests not only have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant experience in the chair, but it’s also an opportunity for parents and caretakers to be in a worry-free safe environment.

If you are wanting a low-sensory, quieter salon experience? Then let us know when booking so we can make sure you are booked into a Low Sensory slot on our •sensorySUNDAYS•

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