Killer.Curls a clients review

The Hub Hair Salon Killer Curls Review

As the owner of a head of curly hair I am constantly looking for products to tame the frizz. I was delighted to be given the new Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls products to try by Steven at The Hub hair salon. Having looked after my thick hair for many years I think Steven was as keen as I was to use trusted products that make handling my hair a bit easier.

First up is the Killer.Curls Wash - Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Shampoo - This smells lovely and fresh and you only need a small amount. My hair felt quite soft but I couldn't comb it through after just using this.

So I added Killer.Curls Rinse - Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Conditioner - Again it smells lovely. I used a little bit more of this to get good coverage and really work it into my hair. I left the conditioner on while I continued with my showering routine and rinsed it off when I was done. I never rub my hair because that splits the curls, so i just left the towel on for about ten minutes. At this point I still struggled to get my wide toothed comb through my hair.

So I moved on to the Killer.Twirls - Nourishing curl defining air-dry cream - After fighting to get some out of the bottle because it's so thick (needs to be in an upsidedown bottle) I rubbed it on my hands and scrunched it through my curls. I could then comb it so I repeated this stage to give my curls some lift. They then stayed looking fresh and bouncy all day and evening.

I didn't need to wash my hair for 3 days, I used a very small amount of water in a spray bottle then scrunched a tiny amount of Killer.Twirls through the areas that were a bit frizzy.

Overall I love the products but maybe because my hair is highlighted I could do with a hyrdating product perhaps after conditioning just to make it silky to comb comfortably. I also feel that the bottle of Killer.Twirls needs to change because it's such a thick product.


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Monday, 22 July 2024

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